A professional system used for suppression of different types of fire. During last ten years it has been successfully used for protection of vehicles operating in highly demanding conditions such as:
  • underground mining,
  • surface mining.
The system is also used for protection of special vehicles (road rollers, compactors) was well as road engineering machines and devices.

The LT-A- 101 system was designed to extend the use of A-101 system in a wide temperature range (54 °C to + 99 °C). The FORAY® suppression agent used in the system is intended for suppression of:
  • Class A fires – with flammable materials i.e. rubber, paper or plastic,
  • Class B fires – with flammable or combustible liquids and gases i.e. diesel oil, hydraulic liquids, oils and lubricants,
  • Class C fires – involving energized electrical equipment.

A-101/ LT-A-101 fire suppression system is the most common system used for suppression of fires. It is composed of four main elements: suppression agent storage tank, actuation system, distribution system which transports the suppression agent from the storage tank towards nozzles (through distribution hoses) located in fire hazard areas.
The FORAY® suppression agent was approved by the National Institute of Hygiene in the scope of human and environment safety. [See]

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