We provide drilling services including preparation of:
  • geological investigation boreholes,
  • geological boreholes,
  • hydrogeological boreholes,
  • drainage and control boreholes,
  • recognition of borehole area from the surface level,
  • boreholes for sensors and layering,
  • boreholes for geomechanical analysis of minerals parameters.
Our drilling team is also well prepared to carry out blast holes for shafts, detention tanks as well as investigative and technical boreholes for ventilation and gas recognition.

We are equipped with advanced drilling tools i.e. stationary drilling machines for long downholes.

All our machines are adapted to operate under hazardous conditions associated with gas. We obtained all necessary declarations of conformity for our machines and devices which allow for safe work under explosive conditions.

More information: Ryszard Jędrusiak, +48 782 707 807

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