Our company is the exclusive agent of PHS Strojárne, A.S. – the manufacturer of engine-powered mine locomotives. We also provide warranty and post-warranty service.

PHS Strojárne, A.S. was established in 2004. The company’s operations are based on a long-year experience of Pohronské Strojárne, A.S. Hliník nad Hronom.
The company provides a wide range of products which can be used in various industries i.e.:
  • extractive industry:
    • underground mines,
    • surface mines,
  • metal industry,
  • energetic industry,
  • agriculture.

PHS Strojárne, A.S. gained its experience as a producer of various types of industrial and public transport.
The range of products offered by the company includes:
  • Underground transport locomotives
  • They are intended for transportation works in heavy conditions of mines involved in excavation of coal, ores, salt and other usable materials where the hazardous concentration of methane(CH4) is higher than 1,5%.

    The locomotives are composed of three modules: two cabins and an engine chamber. The cabins design ensures comfort to an operator by means of ergonomic control desk, good visibility, anti-crash protection and possibility of simultaneous operation of two cabins. The drive unit is a GDI Diesel engine cooled by a liquid. The power transmission is achieved by the gearbox which drives each axle separately. The hydraulic system ensures dynamic performance characteristics together with overload protection of the engine.

More information: Marcin Bereski, +48 697 979 630

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